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Glass Ceramic Dehydration

Time:2021-05-17 15:30:57人气:

The glass ceramic dehydration: It has the advantage of the four materials, overcome their shortcomings. The rigidity of glass ceramic dehydration is same as ceramics; the overall performance is same as woodiness and high molecular polyethylene; the Smooth Performance is same as glass and alumina ceramic.

The glass ceramic dehydration is no joint, so it is not expand with the temperature changes. As to the high density and non-absorbent of glass ceramic dehydration, between the forming net and dehydration form a water film, so increase the lubricating, reduce the electrical load and reduce the wastage of the serous.

 The glass ceramic dehydration is also one of the advantages of adaptability. When a new glass ceramic dehydration used on the machine, if it is not adapted at the beginning, by running friction, the life of the second forming net is obvious increased. This is the incomparable Ceramics. 

The glass ceramic dehydration compared with the ceramics and high molecular dehydration, and the predominance as follows:

 It is unitary board, without joint. Special unitary form saved paper fiber.
Increasing the lubricating, reducing the electrical load and reducing the wastage of the serous.
Reduction of the loss of tiny fibers to improve the evenness of the paper, eliminate paper eye of the needle.  Save maintenance time and improve the production.Solve the phenomena of pulp jump on the forming net, and increased speed.Production Period short, easy installation.

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